Embarrassing Moments and when the hunted becomes the hunted hunter

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Ganking, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Sometimes there’s an embarrassing atmosphere looming over Stranglethorn Vale. Yes, you guessed it: when counter ganking fails. I still remember the early days of WoW: when the game was good and dungeons couldn’t be done by mouth breathing morons or women. I was levelling my first alt in Hillsbrad Foothills when a level 45 druid popped out of stealth and more or less one shot my defenceless level 21 mage. Furious, I logged on my level 60 and tracked the druid down to kill him. Unfortunately the druid was backed up by a couple of rogues which we all know have been overpowered since 2005. It became embarrassing. The same thing happened last night, but with opposite roles.

Last night we were out on patrol enforcing the Horde Territory Policy, when we stumbled upon an alliance dog killing innocent tigers in STV. Of course he was dealt with and executed on the spot. However, it wouldn’t be long until a couple of mains showed up with the intention to go against the newly stated policy.

That’s when it happened. Two level 73s counter ganked two level 80’s.

Both Pinkpanda and Remez of Frostmane – EU (level 80) learned that they should bring more people next time they try to take down a couple of guys in their 70’s. Remez was killed multiple times (as you can see on the screen shot his final death only gave us 3 lousy honor points).


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