Enforcing the policy further

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, Nerd Rage, PvP, World PvP, WoW

As stated in an earlier post we in Morgue Than Words have announced STV, Duskwood and Redrigde Mountains Horde Territory. Yesterday we enforced that policy again. Since only five players decided to pay the reasonable passage fee of 500 gold we had lot of work to do (and thanks for the gold, it will help).

Picking herbs is against the rules, even if you found out your name was taken and decided to use an á instead of a proper spelling.

I don’t understand these guys; they are calling themselves Last Hope of Azeroth, but if that is true I really fear for everyone in Azeroth. It takes these guys 5 level 80’s to kill a single level 73. Then they tried to corpse camp, which failed terribly despite their numbers (hint: try to cover up the area instead of standing in a bunch like some kids waiting for the schoolbus. Getting away was so easy I almost thought you let me.)

As you can see by their titles these people haven’t accomplished anything in the game. There is no hope for Azeroth.

Where’s the best place to go when a train of enraged scrubs are running after you? Correct answer, dungeon. Shortly after my getaway to northern Duskwood the dungeon queue popped. The Last Hope of Azeroth thought I should stay in Duskwood to get ganked instead of levelling. To clarify: it didn’t “get tough”. “Getting tough” is when someone skilled is ganking you, and it’s impossible to get away. This doesn’t happen very often and it certainly didn’t happen here. The dungeon popping was just luck.

We also would like to add that being level 80 doesn’t mean you can freely ride around in the restricted areas like you are some first class citizen. Here’s what might happen to your level 80 if you don’t pay the symbolic fee (500G):

Vaniljlotion from Probably Drunk got what he deserved. I’m not surprised if his guild name is true, the kill was so easy.

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