Territory pass update!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Ganking, PvP, World PvP, WoW

We have, after the success with controlling STV, Duskwood and Redridge Mountains decided to have a new price list for activities. Now you can order what you want and save your gold!

Prices (per hour):

Doing quests: 300 gold

Skinning/herbalising/mining: 350 gold

Moving through zone: 100 gold

Boosting a low level: 500 gold

SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME PACKAGE DEAL (Everything included): 800 gold

Weekend pass: 15 000 gold (do all of the above for a whole weekend for merely 15 000!)

Lifetime pass, no alts included: 60 000 gold

Lifetime pass, unlimited alts: 80 000 gold

And we also have a special deal this week only! Level in Cataclysm in peace! Yes, that’s right; we will leave your character alone all the way through 80-85 for the special and low price of 100 000 gold! Make sure you buy this as soon as possible and avoid spending your days as a ghost!


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