Ah! Friday!

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Ganking, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Gotta love Fridays. Not only because the weekend is near; but mainly because it’s ALT LEVELLING TIME! You know what I mean, non-low life guilds don’t raid on Fridays. Those 40 hours of work/school are done. Girlfriend/parent/wife/partner/kid/pet is busy with something else and you have the whooooole night to level that 30 something character.

Fridays would be perfect alt levelling days: if you don’t play alliance on Frostmane, that is. As you all know we don’t only kill alts; we actually take out 80’s as well.

Here are a few examples:

Worldender from Avidios on Frostmane-EU learned the price of playing alliance. Roll Horde next time to avoid these embarrassing situations! (Hint: try to get in melee range when you fight a hunter!)

Next picture is from  level 75 hunter vs level 80 Alliance. Who won? Me, of course.

Brutalcrab from ServerPolice tried (and failed) to live up to his guildname. Gofru from Last hope of Azeroth once again showed how pointless their guild is. Lauxi from Portucale should also be mentioned, he really tried to get away when he realised things weren’t going his way. Next time save your Ankh to avoid getting killed twice by someone 5 levels below. LoL!

But what would Friday night be without some carebears? That’s right, even in a hostile place such as STV they are roaming the jungle looking for the opposite faction to help them  complete quests.

  1. […] report. The Alliance activity from level 80s has increased with several hundred percent compared to last week. We in Morgue Than Words believe the Horde should move in to defend our new territories instead of […]

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