Posted: September 20, 2010 in PvP, Rambling, World PvP, WoW

During our quest to keep the restricted areas free from Alliance rats we have encountered many different personalities. Here’s a short list of examples.

The Nerd Rager

Argh you killed my alt!

Not as common as one may think. This is the type of person who rolled on a PvP server either without reading the rules or to gank the opposite faction. Too bad the Nerd Rager can’t take being ganked himself. The Nerd Rager will log over to the opposite faction and abuse the ganker in whispers. If he’s really pissed he will send a long tell saying how angry he is then quickly go offline or /ignore you. There are many examples of The Nerd Rager on this blog. Usually the Nerd Rager looks like the kid in above picture.

Clint Eastwood

Clint doesn’t fuck around.

The Eastwood type player has several 80’s on the server and is probably on his fifth or something alt when you meet him in STV. Being experienced he has probably parked one of his mains in the area to counter-gank. 2 minutes after you’ve ganked Eastwood his 80 will be there trying to gank you back. Eastwood is also very persistent: he can spend the rest of the night chasing you down instead of levelling his poor alt. Being a Houdini here will save your behind.

Can’t Touch This

Go with the funk, it is said
If you can’t groove to this
Then you probably are dead

This type of player knows he’s gonna die as soon as he sees that big Horde player bum rushing him on a mount. Can’t Touch This will simply /sit and take the pain. This type of player doesn’t seem to mind getting ganked over and over; possibly because he’s of the opinion “if I don’t give them a reaction they will go away”. Can’t Touch This may also be on heavy pain medicine or pot.


A true Houdini escapes from any corpse camping scenario.

Houdini is maybe the most interesting personality, and there are some semi skilled Houdinis on Frostmane (even though none of them have gotten away so far). This player will do everything to avoid getting ganked; and unlike a Steven Seagal he knows he will lose trying to stand up for himself to a character 30 levels above him.  The key is escape mechanics including sprint, waterwalking, vanish, traps, invisibility, sap, feign death, etc. Being a Houdini also helps when Clint Eastwood shows up.

Steven Seagal

Trust your doubt. Always fight for your beliefs. That is the path beyond thought.

Bring it on! is what Seagal is thinking when that mean 30+ levelled Horde is dismounting in front of him. He will actually try to fight back which makes him, unlike the real Steven Seagal,  end up in the graveyard.

To be continued

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