Pushing back the filthy scum

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Ganking, Nerd Rage, PvP, World PvP, WoW

We have guarded the new Horde territory well this weekend on Frostmane-EU. Let’s have a look shall we?

First, the guild Security was foolish enough to reject an offer (which included a free pass for all their members for the acceptable fee of 1 million gold).

Here’s what happened (and have fun trying to level in Cataclysm!):

Quos from Security paid the price for having greedy officers in his guild.

Next, we will go on the topic “U made me mad! I bring my main!”. Needless to say, this happens pretty often. Instead of paying the passage fee people spend more time trying to counter gank. It’s futile, which Blightwalker from The Frozen Heart experienced when he got raped by ghost wolves and flying arrows. He eventually paid 100 gold to let his alt hearthstone to safety.

Change of subject again. Next we will go into Carebears. As many of our faithful followers know, there are loads of carebears on Frostmane-EU. Instead of killing the enemy they are actually helping them. If Garrosh would know he would hang them high in Orgrimmar. I give you Blackbeast who bursted out in tears when I killed an alliance dog in front of his eyes:

Creal from Holy Kings paid for playing the evil faction:

Devilfox from the so called “pro pvp-guild” is Huge in Japan turned out being not-so pro when he got killed by a level 75:

The Light of Frostmane is in the top 10 in the category Being Slained By Lowbies Most Times; and I will later post on the suggest forums on wow-eu that it should be an achievement. I give you Glefsa. (Hint, Glefsa: try to actually get out of the water when you fight a Hunter. Melee is prefered!)

Next we have Vagrog from Rebellion and Meezzy who should name change to “Messy” because that was what his PvP was like.

Adhera from Angry Wolves tried to get into ZG. Forbidden! He didn’t even have time to get off his mount.

Sheni from Knights of Holland also met the grim reaper.

Creal that I earlier mentioned decided to “juse angel”, and that cannot be allowed.

Let’s move on to the Nerd Rage section. I was on patrol duty in Duskwood when I ran into some dogs questing like it was Alliance Territory or something. I quickly put an end to that. To make a long story short: the dog called in some 80’s which forced me to do guerilla warfare. Yes, that includes not ressing right away and getting killed again like a rat. It’s also interesting that the alliance dog thinks I was “angry”. I actually read through the terms of a PvP server when I started to play this game. Noone in Morgue than Words gets “angry” from dying in PvP. On the girlfriend subject: yes I’m single. My girlfriend dumped me when I became too fat sometimes during 2007.

Bonus whisper:

Sincerely Yours,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

  1. Raeva says:

    Hai thar, I hope you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

    We sure did.

  2. pvpmasters says:

    That was pretty impressive 😉

  3. iam Quos/quorum(main) ex member of security and ex player of World of warcraft!
    now having not played the game for some time now, its quite funny and bizzare on how addicted and childish this game actually is, looking back now, the game ATE every spare hour i made, and even made me skive work and skive local entertainment/drinking time/socialising. if you have no Girlfriend/children or even a life then play WoW, as it can be fun, even tho you make fuck all from playing it, only end up paying Blizzard £9 a month to play it. Which is ludicris, and for someone to actualy make a website and post pictures of your pathetic kills on a game millions and millions of ADDICTED people play, then shows your mentality, i played it mixed with gaming at FPS (first person shooter) games, which i did make money from while doing my apprentiship in real life, but for you to log on and demand 1 million from a guild to leave thm alone while levelling makes me sit here and wonder EXACTLY why the fuck i wasted 5-6 year of my life playin such a shit game (looking at it from a normal persons point of view).
    i gained so much weight playin that game and smoking tabs like theres no tomorrow, but luckily i got bored of WoW (LUCKILY) and lived my life how a young gentleman should. i now drive/ work ful time and attend my gym and dont even play games anymore and i cna tell you now lifes alot lot better, mental feelins are more thrivable than spending days in AV for the relentless legs!
    anyways rant over, and am basically saying to anyone, if you can get yourself out the WOW then i advise it! Prompto!

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