This Means War

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Today we’re gonna start off with a quiz, dear readers and fans!

How many Security members does it take to keep one (1) member of Morgue Than Words under control?

1 ?

3 ?

10 ?

Most of you obviously guessed 10, but 3 is actually enough! That’s right, I give you Raeva, Bane of the Fallen King. Windforce the Light of Dawn. And Toshiro Jenkins. Gratz to you!

Interesting mounts. Raeva probably faction changed to get that Kodo! The Toshiro guy was lucky enough to get that horse from Moroes in Karazhan! Midnight or something it’s called.

Let’s move on to the not so successful counter-gankers. I was lucky enough to run into Glefsa from The Light of Frostmane again. She still hasn’t figured out that you should not fight in the water. Get in melee range versus a hunter, Glefsa!

Another pretty sad moment was when Bageera from M a r l b o r o tried to get into ZG. No! ZG is Horde only! He learned his lesson but unfortunately we had to put him down like an ill dog.

Sincerely yours,

Natzagaroth & Natzrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

  1. says:

    You seem to have made mistakes, the mount Toshiro is on is Invincible, from Lich king heroic 25man, but i guess you’ll never kill him, so you wouldn’t know.
    I hear grats are needed on dying like a dog..over and over again… which didnt even need 1 of them to do, but they thoroughly enjoyed laughing at you!

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