Corpse Camp School – Do it like the Frostmane Legends!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, Guides, WoW

There are many reasons why you will want to camp someone. Here are a few things I can think of:

1. You’ve been ganked several times (revenge)

2. The guy you plan to camp has a stupid name like “Ròugekillér”, “Orcslaayer” or “Roika”. (For the sake of Darwin)

3.  The guy has a stupid look or ugly clothes. (Anyone playing a caster wearing pants or a gnome with pink hair is open for camping)

4. He was nerd raging when you killed his alt, and therefore probably said nasty things about your weight, mother and / or martial status. (If you ever poured gasoline on fire you know the reason why you should camp this guy)

It’s also embarrassing seeing how bad 90% of the alliance population is at this. I’m here to help! Why do you want to help the evil faction? you may ask – Because it’s not fun for us when it’s too easy is the answer to that, so stop e-mailing us about it.

OK let’s go to school.

Lesson 1 – Be mounted

There is no reason for you to get off your mount. I see fail campers every day doing this mistake. If you are mounted you have ~3 more seconds to react when the camped is resurrecting. God forbids he has time to do this: as soon as he’s on the mount he’s not camped anymore. Did someone say stealth? Stealth sucks for camping if you’re doing it alone. You will stand there with your Prowl up your ass when the victim is mounted before you have time to get close. (Yes, you can see stealthed people as a corpse)

These guys won’t have time to kill me again if I resurrect close to the border of the bubble.

Lesson 2 – Make a macro and a keybind

This is very easy: just type /target (playername) and /cast (instant ability with wtfpwndamage or slowing ability). For example:

/target Raeyna

/cast concussive shot


Bind that shit to a key close to your fat keyboard hand and spam it like you’re playing a paladin in Molten Core and the year is 2005.

Lesson 3 – Use your class abilities

Most classes have stuff that can be used for camping. I suggest you look at some page like Wowhead and you may find out there are more, forgotten, interesting abilities that can be used than the ones you are aware of.

Lesson 4 – Spread Out

If you are not a social misfit or playing dwarf hunter you have friends. Bring them. But don’t stand in a bunch over the corpse trying to look cool: spread out and cover the small area the camped dude will resurrect on. I’ve seen groups of 5 (five) failing to camp 1 (one) guy.

Double Negative, No, bitches! 5 people shouldn’t fail here. But like we’ve already seen: there is no hope for Azeroth.

Lesson 5 – The fake “I’m leaving now, feel free to ress!”

Some camped guys just won’t resurrect – that’s when the “fake leave” comes in handy. This means you ride away like you got bored. Then you wait 5-10 seconds and go back. In 9/10 cases you now have a sitting duck on your screen. Be aware though! If you have killed someone multiple times already he’s on resurrect timer (max 2 minutes), so don’t get too eager. Camping is all about having patience.

Lesson 6 – Be Mobile and Aware of the Environment Around You

In some places there are trees, houses, rocks, water, lowbies etc. Keep an extra eye around these places – they are perfect for the victim to resurrect behind/under/inside and get away easily. Be focused and ready to move fast!

This guy won’t even see me disappear. He should be closer to the tree.


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