Posted: September 23, 2010 in Guides, Rambling, WoW

Good morning you miserable maggots and fellow Horde players.

Sit up straight, wipe that drool from your chin and close your mouth, there are news!

As the Cataclysm expansion is on its way I got great news for the alliance on Frostmane EU.

Coming to console, expected release together with Cataclysm there’s a new game to consider!

It has come to my knowledge that many of you suck in PvP but tremble no longer.

I present to you, RL – OFFLINE!

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Experience a whole sea of new experiences, professions and encounters.


Do you belong to the 65% of the male WoW population that secretly rolled a level 1 Night Elf female (or Undead if you’re into those things) only to undress her and /dance after mum goes to bed? Good news! That tickling feeling in your lower regions during those beloved moments can also be experienced by meeting real women! Yes, that’s right, in Real Life Offline they actually talk to you back when you chat with them! Furthermore, you can also dance with them which sometimes lead to other things involving that tickling feeling in your lower regions!  *

The feelings don’t end there however. There are also similar feelings to when that toon named “Kaytie” ninjas all the loot in VoA after a lucky Wintergrasp takeover = anger and sadness (parts of nerd rage). The creators of Real Life Offline believe you have to go through the bad parts to really appreciate the good.


Ever been online while all your guildies and Real ID-mates aren’t and felt true loneliness? In Real Life Offline you can actually get in touch with your friends at any time! You can also see them, hear them and even smell them, which means they can smell you too. Unlike when you play WoW showers are recommended at least twice a week during Real Life Offline-play. In addition, there is no limit to the numbers of friends you can put on your Friends List in Real Life Offline!


Have you ever wondered what Spider Sausage or that Draenic Water tastes like? In Real Life Offline there are thousands of dishes and beverages to try from, including but not limited to, Chinese spring rolls, Hot Dogs and beer. These items interact with your Real Life taste buds in a whole new way you could never imagine.

Stimulating Environment

Sometimes the environment in World of Warcraft is so well designed some people say “it feels like you’re there!”. In Real Life Offline you have this feeling all the time! There are also endless of interaction possibilities with objects in the game. You can actually pick up stuff and leave them in other locations, and if another player decides not to pick it up, it will not disappear or even despawn!

* Experiences may wary and change during Offline play. Especially the part about women and you in Real Life Offline.
  1. Gnossie says:

    Are there any pinkhaired gnomes in this game???

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