Fan Art

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

We here at Morgue Than Words believe in art in all kinds of forms. Personally I like to make artistic kills and Natzagaroth builds statues out of newbie bones. This post is about art made by an alliance maggot, which we believe should be encouraged despite being on the wrong and evil faction.

One of our biggest fans, Vimtu aka“Vimtu who always come from nowhere…and disappears before u even realize u cant shoot anymore and have to corpse run” from Ninth Order sent us this picture where she put names in an already drawn picture by someone else in a very artistic way.

Some artists like to interpret their dreams, even if they never come true.

Yours truly,


Legend of Frostmane

  1. Vimtu says:

    Aww *Blush* (b^.^)b

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  3. Creo says:

    This makes me horny

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