Tremble, Scum

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Hunter, Rambling, WoW

Greetings fans and followers, and also any possible Alliance dog that may have stumbled here to look at colourful pictures. Going to be a quick morning post right now, just wanted to show all Alliance dogs what expects them if they try to enter the restricted areas. I’ve always thought that getting impaled by a rusty sword would be a very bad way to go, but something tells me being eaten alive by a giant ape is worse. Alliance of Frostmane-EU is about to find out.

I found this homeless ape in STV. I was kind enough to take care of her.

She is named after her mother.

  1. Raeyna says:

    HAHAHAHA that’s hillarious 🙂 But I’m afraid I’ll have to come kill you now.

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