Friday Night Mop Up and Redridge Daily

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, PvP, Redridge Daily, Videos, World PvP, WoW

The Redridge Daily has some news for you fans and followers:

Watch in full screen for best result, as always

Time for the midnight war report. The Alliance activity from level 80s has increased with several hundred percent compared to last week. We in Morgue Than Words believe the Horde should move in to defend our new territories instead of standing outside a bank in the City of Bearded Men in Dresses (Dalaran) and measure each others tools.

More 80 scum than trespassing lowbies. Endless opportunities for world PvP

Tonight’s skirmishes mainly circulated around the escort quest in the cave in Redridge Mountains, but we were also securing the fronts in STV and protecting the poor living impaired creatures of Raven Hill cemetery. No Alliance maggot is allowed to save their corporal in that cave without a passage card (sold for the symbolic sum of 500 gold).

On to the debriefing:

Latnok the keyboard turning mage from Lusitanos tried to defend his alt. We advice him to pay the passage fee next time to avoid getting killed by lowbies.

Osguth tried to go to Zul’Gurub. Only Horde is allowed in there, which he found out the hard way (death).

Srebrniletac (don’t smoke crack when you name your character) should keep his stinking gnomish hand out of the cookie jar next time and not trying to help his faction.

Tryaz was caught flirting with Blackrock Orcs without a valid passage card. He was taken care of more than one time.

Let’s move on to pop quiz:

Earlier in the week Security was the first guild ever to successfully corpse camp a Morgue than Words member. How many members would it take for Ninth Order?

Ninth Order called in their best players to make sure a lowbie could complete his escort quest. A doomed project.

Well that was a trick question because they failed to camp us at all, even though Vimtu the rogue almost got her dream fulfilled.

Yours Truly,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

  1. Vimtu says:

    i dont need no scrubs to camp yer booties 😛 i enjoy doing it solo, its more Fun :D!! specially To MindControl you with my new Toy! xD.

    Can’t Wait for the noob lvl 80 hordes to come over and defend your territory :D!! that priest wasn’t enough :S he died in 3seconds…

    Good Hunting!

  2. pvpmasters says:

    Was intresting yes. Too bad hunters and shamans are both better classes!
    Regarding the priest, we dont even know wich one you´re talking about…

  3. Yeba says:

    Please get more friends..I came there for some fun..and u didnt even show up ur ass…scared of ressing :<

  4. Vimtu says:

    GET SOME MOAR 80s PLEASE!! we’re bored and want to has FUN!!!!

  5. pvpmasters says:

    You’re preaching to the choir guys 🙂

  6. pvpmasters says:

    You beg for 80’s but when they finally appear you’re hiding? Was even fair numbers. Come on 😉

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