Ganking – The Drinking Game

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Guides, World PvP, WoW

Heed, servants! Nazrololgoth here with a late night post.

There will be no war report tonight as some of us were busy with other stuff like grinding girlfriend rep and riding choppers. Instead we’re going to talk about drinking alcoholic beverages. If you have ever done The Lycauem in a Vanilla pug or raid healed as a druid  you know that being a bit intoxicated helps both your sanity, social skills and gameplay. We in Morgue Than Words have taken it one step further and created the Ganking Drinking Game.

The rules are simple enough even for you alliance players to follow: you take a sip from your drink when something happens on the list below. Beer or wine is advised since harder stuff will limit your basic human functions like bladder control and sight too much, although stuff like Vodka works for shorter sessions. Also keep in mind that the rules are designed with non-80 gankers in mind. We are still 75, but anything up to 79 would work.

Take one sip

  • You kill a lowbie
  • The lowbie has time to emote something like /spit to show how frustrated he is or /pity to show that he’s a carebear that would never kill anyone himself

Take two sips

  • You kill someone higher levelled than yourself
  • You get killed by someone higher levelled than yourself
  • The enemy has time to emote something before you release
  • An enemy does a Houdini on you and gets away (bubble hearthstone doesn’t count since that’s for lamers only)
  • For every time you kill someone you already have killed that session

Take three sips

  • You get killed and the enemy completes the “Make love, not Warcraft” achievement
  • An enraged main of an alt shows up and you kill him too, which leads us to next point:
  • You get whispers from someone telling you how angry he is for rolling on a PvP-server

Take four sips

  • Your own faction tells you to stop ganking
  • You get killed twice or more by the same player
  • You encounter a high level character boosting a lowbie, you kill the lowbie and get away from the furious 80. Take an extra sip if the 80 is unable to resurrect and has to stand there like a clown.
  • You kill someone trying to hearthstone

Finish your drink

  • You get killed by one or more lowbies

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