More fan art!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

Day post here with some more fan art, sent from a lowbie seeing us in Duskwood:

Vimtu from the Ninth Order, 6 feet below

The lowbie, who wants be anonymous, states

Hai guyz, i saw u pew pew PAWN vimtu the rouge who disappers before u even relise u can shoot in duskwood. i was so impressd i rerolld horde lol. anywayz i used my photoshop skillz to recapture teh moment. Hugs!

Name edited out

  1. Vimtu says:

    Hey dats not true :”( you guys didnt kill me!! Just for that, i will come again and play with you guys :D!!!

  2. Vimtu says:

    GRRRR THATS NOT MY HAIRCUT >:(!!! FIX THE HAIRCUT!!!! its 3 pig tails NOT TWO!!!!!!

  3. pvpmasters says:

    Blame the lowbie that created this masterpiece.

    And mind controlling people when they try to take a friendly swim is below the belt by the way ;(

  4. Creomortis says:

    Vimtu also has a penis, you missed that off

  5. Vimtu says:

    >:'( im still pissed at the wrong haircut style!!! ITS THREE PIGTAILS FFS!!!!!

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