Bollywood is signing us

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Rambling, Videos, WoW

Good news! The people in Bollywood are big fans of our heroic doings, and therefore they decided to shoot a real film about us. Release expected soon, but in the meantime we can offer a few samples!

Morgue Than Words on a secret mission to gank level 15’s in Ironforge. Little did they know that a Night Elf would provoke Nazrololgoth so much that he blew their cover! Watch here

A DK we all know from Redridge Daily in a touching scene after he’s been ganked and thrown in the lake. I cried a little when I watched this. Watch here

Natzagaroth is having a relaxed drink in Booty Bay, but as usual there’s some lowbie from Ninth Order pestering the atmosphere. Watch here

These links are safe, we just couldn’t embed the films from this site in WordPress

  1. Raeyna says:

    wasup guys? why’d u log off? 😦 I was having so much fun… I think the final count was 12-0 to me there, right?

    I be intrudin’ on yer horde territory, mon.

  2. pvpmasters says:

    We were watching Lost

  3. Valley says:

    3. “I was watching Lost / doing something else”

    Though not as common, we’ve heard this one too from a Phased member who claimed he was “watching Lost” even though his character moved and doing shit before he was put down.

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