New Recruit – All Alliance /bow in Anatal’s Presence

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

We welcome Anatal to our ranks. He’s as ruthless, rude and dangerous as the rest most of the Horde. We welcome Anatal after aceing his initiation test which included bringing us 100 lowbie scalps and swimming between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms without dying (yes, he’s a paladin and thus immortal to anything but disconnects).

Small biography of Anatal

Anatal was born in a coal mine in Northwestern Sibiria. When he was 8 years old he walked barefoot over the tundra to reach Europe eating nothing but snow and the loot of homeless people he robbed on the way. After that he worked as a gravedigger outside Tjernobyl until he 14 years later could afford a computer and a copy of WoW. For breakfast he has nothing but a cigar made by dwarf slaves he’s keeping in his basement and a shot of lowbie tears. His favourite music is Spice Girls.

With one more Horde in our ranks our quest to control the new Horde areas (Redridge Mountains, Duskwood and STV) will be a lot more effective. We estimate these places will be free from Alliance scum before the year is over.

It is rumoured that Anatal will spare your miserable life if you emote /beg and /cry when you meet him in the hot Stranglethorn jungle. Make a macro, you useless lowbies!

If you also are interested in joining the ranks of the Frostmane Legends you should apply today.

(PS he won’t spare you, but please emote it anyway as it makes great content for the website)

No, Tyraxo from Memento Mori, emoting /beg won’t help

  1. Tyraxo says:

    OHH YEAH you are sooo good. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE GAME-.- your pathetic.
    heard that 3 vs 1 is skillz!

  2. Roooar says:

    Haha QQ

  3. anatal says:

    Lol Tyraxo it wasnt excactly 3 vs 1 there. L2play really.. MM haha

  4. Wasselina says:

    Sup in here? You still miss my scalp, although I already have yours. Happy hunting!

  5. Wasselina says:

    The big button resemblems penance? 🙂

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