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Nazrololgoth came home alive!

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Me and Nazrololgoth were split up during our last patrol. I found him later. M u c h later. The news from outside STV were many.


Greetings. Long time no siege.
Got the new patch out just the other day. It seems blizzard will keep having alliance directly taken from Disney like before. (gnomes dwarfs, children etc etc)
Reason is said to be;

“To not let 50% of our players down. In their age it´s very important to be able to take hold of characters

that they can relate to, and most of all learn from.

So could be done by singing songs or dealing with hopeless moral dilemmas.”

Lame days , lame alliance, lame video. The song ain´t lame thou.

Have a look.

Greetings you miserable maggots and especially Horde of Frostmane -EU.

I will let today’s Redridge Daily speak for itself!


We are not alone. Daily Fan-whisper.

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

This cool hordeplayer decided we were so awesome he just had to whisper and tell us all about it.

No big surprise after the effort we put down in keeping horde territory clean.

You do talk the talk, do you walk the walk?

Me: Mom, im going.

Mom: Where?

Me: To kick everyones ass out of horde territory.

Mom: ALONE?!

Me: No I got Nazrololgoth and the others, plus about 300 fans with me.

Mom: See you soon honey.

RL-Offline CorpseCampers.

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Rambling, WoW


Short input about RL-OFFLINE’s corpsecampers since some of our readers got some sort of thought that what we do is somehow, immoral.

Here´s a guy who rolled on an RL-OFFLINE pvpserver. He´s already fully epic-geared so he´s transfering some talents to a newbie who just entered the area. The player in the background is probably her Guildmaster.

Out in the field there´s a popular Houdini to reduce the number of oneshots by. See below.

Personally I think the above picture speaks alot for our own methods. Much of what we put up in our movies is planned in advance.

This guy made a head-like thing on a stick. Because he knows what could happend if he reveals it in the wi(n)dow.

(Ps. this is the real deal, we don´t play at this server, neither should you.)

Greetings servants, abominable Alliance and fellow Horde. It’s high time for a war report.

I had just logged on to patrol STV when I received this whisper from Rougespree from Twilights Imperium:

Constructive feedback is always welcome

To also please the pre teen audience that have trouble spelling their own class name I give you guys this picture.

Suddenly, the blog became awesome instead of “sucky”

Here’s one guy who obviously missed the news: Redridge Mountain is Horde territory. At least he acknowledged that I am awesome.

Thanks, Bro!

Next we have a carebear trying to trade his safety for him not trying to kill me.

Never trust a Frostmane Legend if you are Alliance.

This is how the story went:

We don’t negotiate with terrorists

Evolutionftw from Showbiz then logged his main, enraged and spat on me:

Darwin just turned over in his grave

After some spitting and other fun emotes he decided to ask if I had enough

Can never have enough cunt

A selection of a few “lowbie from Morgue Than Words kills a level capped enemy”, which our followers are used to by now:

Myavaz from PEWPEWW should change tactics when trying to gank a lowbie

Toxiso from LFM BG HONOR RESERVED reserved some honour for me

Woozle from Shambler Inc learned that landing in STV without a permit leads to capital punishment

Vydana from Ghaza learned that occupying enemy territory leads to conflict

Sorry, but no Security kills yet, they seem to be hiding from us tonight!

Lame Excuses – Top Three

Posted: October 1, 2010 in PvP, Rambling, WoW

A comment on our website made me think. Now and then a high levelled and outgearing Alliance criminal visits this place to whine about why he got killed by lowbies. Here are the top excuses!

1. “I was AFK”

This is the most common one. The guy has probably been bullied to death in /g for being steamrolled by a couple of lowbies, and it’s even a believable excuse. If you watch our videos you will see that we never killed anyone who’s AFK.

2. “It was 41 vs 1”

Not uncommon either. Now and then some hotshot from a big guild will try to show off his ICC gear, but gets stopped pretty quick by a couple of lowbies. 2 vs 1 often becomes “they had a whole raid, and also a cave troll

3. “I was watching Lost / doing something else”

Though not as common, we’ve heard this one too from a Phased member who claimed he was “watching Lost” even though his character moved and doing shit before he was put down.