Lame Excuses – Top Three

Posted: October 1, 2010 in PvP, Rambling, WoW

A comment on our website made me think. Now and then a high levelled and outgearing Alliance criminal visits this place to whine about why he got killed by lowbies. Here are the top excuses!

1. “I was AFK”

This is the most common one. The guy has probably been bullied to death in /g for being steamrolled by a couple of lowbies, and it’s even a believable excuse. If you watch our videos you will see that we never killed anyone who’s AFK.

2. “It was 41 vs 1”

Not uncommon either. Now and then some hotshot from a big guild will try to show off his ICC gear, but gets stopped pretty quick by a couple of lowbies. 2 vs 1 often becomes “they had a whole raid, and also a cave troll

3. “I was watching Lost / doing something else”

Though not as common, we’ve heard this one too from a Phased member who claimed he was “watching Lost” even though his character moved and doing shit before he was put down.


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