RL-Offline CorpseCampers.

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Rambling, WoW


Short input about RL-OFFLINE’s corpsecampers since some of our readers got some sort of thought that what we do is somehow, immoral.

Here´s a guy who rolled on an RL-OFFLINE pvpserver. He´s already fully epic-geared so he´s transfering some talents to a newbie who just entered the area. The player in the background is probably her Guildmaster.

Out in the field there´s a popular Houdini to reduce the number of oneshots by. See below.

Personally I think the above picture speaks alot for our own methods. Much of what we put up in our movies is planned in advance.

This guy made a head-like thing on a stick. Because he knows what could happend if he reveals it in the wi(n)dow.

(Ps. this is the real deal, we don´t play at this server, neither should you.)


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