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RL-Offline CorpseCampers.

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Rambling, WoW


Short input about RL-OFFLINE’s corpsecampers since some of our readers got some sort of thought that what we do is somehow, immoral.

Here´s a guy who rolled on an RL-OFFLINE pvpserver. He´s already fully epic-geared so he´s transfering some talents to a newbie who just entered the area. The player in the background is probably her Guildmaster.

Out in the field there´s a popular Houdini to reduce the number of oneshots by. See below.

Personally I think the above picture speaks alot for our own methods. Much of what we put up in our movies is planned in advance.

This guy made a head-like thing on a stick. Because he knows what could happend if he reveals it in the wi(n)dow.

(Ps. this is the real deal, we don´t play at this server, neither should you.)


Heads up Horde, scum and errand boys, here’s the report of tonight’s events.

Security sent us this showing their highlight of the evening. Word is the whole guild got together in a joint effort to draw this lovely picture.

Your favourite Orc makes his getaway while the Alliance scum are trying to help their fellow criminal Raeyna out of a frost trap in which appears to be STV.

The background of the whole event is that Security member Nidua was caught standing on a Horde bridge in Horde territory (Redridge Mountains) which left us no choice but to put her down:

Tip of the day: The V-key shows nameplates, even through walls. Helps when someone is hiding in, for example, a house just outside Raven Hill Cemetery

The lovely members of Security meant business after this as they had to call in half their guild to meet our threat.

What would a corpse camp be without some frustrated exchange of body fluids? It was good for me too, Dreamyo.

Not only Security got ganked because of trespassing; Phased should also leave our continent.

Carharoth eventually paid the symbolic fee (500G) to hearthstone to safety.

We also got more nerd rage from this toodal-kid.

This guy is like the troll posts on the realm forums about migration to Frostmane  – never stops.

We also had a moment of relaxed fishing and caught ourselves a Trabute again, but more about this tomorrow when The Redridge Daily is printed.

That one must have hurt. But no spoilers: Redridge Daily will tell you all about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

Frostmane Legends

The Redridge Daily has some news for you fans and followers:

Watch in full screen for best result, as always

Time for the midnight war report. The Alliance activity from level 80s has increased with several hundred percent compared to last week. We in Morgue Than Words believe the Horde should move in to defend our new territories instead of standing outside a bank in the City of Bearded Men in Dresses (Dalaran) and measure each others tools.

More 80 scum than trespassing lowbies. Endless opportunities for world PvP

Tonight’s skirmishes mainly circulated around the escort quest in the cave in Redridge Mountains, but we were also securing the fronts in STV and protecting the poor living impaired creatures of Raven Hill cemetery. No Alliance maggot is allowed to save their corporal in that cave without a passage card (sold for the symbolic sum of 500 gold).

On to the debriefing:

Latnok the keyboard turning mage from Lusitanos tried to defend his alt. We advice him to pay the passage fee next time to avoid getting killed by lowbies.

Osguth tried to go to Zul’Gurub. Only Horde is allowed in there, which he found out the hard way (death).

Srebrniletac (don’t smoke crack when you name your character) should keep his stinking gnomish hand out of the cookie jar next time and not trying to help his faction.

Tryaz was caught flirting with Blackrock Orcs without a valid passage card. He was taken care of more than one time.

Let’s move on to pop quiz:

Earlier in the week Security was the first guild ever to successfully corpse camp a Morgue than Words member. How many members would it take for Ninth Order?

Ninth Order called in their best players to make sure a lowbie could complete his escort quest. A doomed project.

Well that was a trick question because they failed to camp us at all, even though Vimtu the rogue almost got her dream fulfilled.

Yours Truly,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

There are many reasons why you will want to camp someone. Here are a few things I can think of:

1. You’ve been ganked several times (revenge)

2. The guy you plan to camp has a stupid name like “Ròugekillér”, “Orcslaayer” or “Roika”. (For the sake of Darwin)

3.  The guy has a stupid look or ugly clothes. (Anyone playing a caster wearing pants or a gnome with pink hair is open for camping)

4. He was nerd raging when you killed his alt, and therefore probably said nasty things about your weight, mother and / or martial status. (If you ever poured gasoline on fire you know the reason why you should camp this guy)

It’s also embarrassing seeing how bad 90% of the alliance population is at this. I’m here to help! Why do you want to help the evil faction? you may ask – Because it’s not fun for us when it’s too easy is the answer to that, so stop e-mailing us about it.

OK let’s go to school.

Lesson 1 – Be mounted

There is no reason for you to get off your mount. I see fail campers every day doing this mistake. If you are mounted you have ~3 more seconds to react when the camped is resurrecting. God forbids he has time to do this: as soon as he’s on the mount he’s not camped anymore. Did someone say stealth? Stealth sucks for camping if you’re doing it alone. You will stand there with your Prowl up your ass when the victim is mounted before you have time to get close. (Yes, you can see stealthed people as a corpse)

These guys won’t have time to kill me again if I resurrect close to the border of the bubble.

Lesson 2 – Make a macro and a keybind

This is very easy: just type /target (playername) and /cast (instant ability with wtfpwndamage or slowing ability). For example:

/target Raeyna

/cast concussive shot


Bind that shit to a key close to your fat keyboard hand and spam it like you’re playing a paladin in Molten Core and the year is 2005.

Lesson 3 – Use your class abilities

Most classes have stuff that can be used for camping. I suggest you look at some page like Wowhead and you may find out there are more, forgotten, interesting abilities that can be used than the ones you are aware of.

Lesson 4 – Spread Out

If you are not a social misfit or playing dwarf hunter you have friends. Bring them. But don’t stand in a bunch over the corpse trying to look cool: spread out and cover the small area the camped dude will resurrect on. I’ve seen groups of 5 (five) failing to camp 1 (one) guy.

Double Negative, No, bitches! 5 people shouldn’t fail here. But like we’ve already seen: there is no hope for Azeroth.

Lesson 5 – The fake “I’m leaving now, feel free to ress!”

Some camped guys just won’t resurrect – that’s when the “fake leave” comes in handy. This means you ride away like you got bored. Then you wait 5-10 seconds and go back. In 9/10 cases you now have a sitting duck on your screen. Be aware though! If you have killed someone multiple times already he’s on resurrect timer (max 2 minutes), so don’t get too eager. Camping is all about having patience.

Lesson 6 – Be Mobile and Aware of the Environment Around You

In some places there are trees, houses, rocks, water, lowbies etc. Keep an extra eye around these places – they are perfect for the victim to resurrect behind/under/inside and get away easily. Be focused and ready to move fast!

This guy won’t even see me disappear. He should be closer to the tree.

This Means War

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Today we’re gonna start off with a quiz, dear readers and fans!

How many Security members does it take to keep one (1) member of Morgue Than Words under control?

1 ?

3 ?

10 ?

Most of you obviously guessed 10, but 3 is actually enough! That’s right, I give you Raeva, Bane of the Fallen King. Windforce the Light of Dawn. And Toshiro Jenkins. Gratz to you!

Interesting mounts. Raeva probably faction changed to get that Kodo! The Toshiro guy was lucky enough to get that horse from Moroes in Karazhan! Midnight or something it’s called.

Let’s move on to the not so successful counter-gankers. I was lucky enough to run into Glefsa from The Light of Frostmane again. She still hasn’t figured out that you should not fight in the water. Get in melee range versus a hunter, Glefsa!

Another pretty sad moment was when Bageera from M a r l b o r o tried to get into ZG. No! ZG is Horde only! He learned his lesson but unfortunately we had to put him down like an ill dog.

Sincerely yours,

Natzagaroth & Natzrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

As stated in an earlier post we in Morgue Than Words have announced STV, Duskwood and Redrigde Mountains Horde Territory. Yesterday we enforced that policy again. Since only five players decided to pay the reasonable passage fee of 500 gold we had lot of work to do (and thanks for the gold, it will help).

Picking herbs is against the rules, even if you found out your name was taken and decided to use an á instead of a proper spelling.

I don’t understand these guys; they are calling themselves Last Hope of Azeroth, but if that is true I really fear for everyone in Azeroth. It takes these guys 5 level 80’s to kill a single level 73. Then they tried to corpse camp, which failed terribly despite their numbers (hint: try to cover up the area instead of standing in a bunch like some kids waiting for the schoolbus. Getting away was so easy I almost thought you let me.)

As you can see by their titles these people haven’t accomplished anything in the game. There is no hope for Azeroth.

Where’s the best place to go when a train of enraged scrubs are running after you? Correct answer, dungeon. Shortly after my getaway to northern Duskwood the dungeon queue popped. The Last Hope of Azeroth thought I should stay in Duskwood to get ganked instead of levelling. To clarify: it didn’t “get tough”. “Getting tough” is when someone skilled is ganking you, and it’s impossible to get away. This doesn’t happen very often and it certainly didn’t happen here. The dungeon popping was just luck.

We also would like to add that being level 80 doesn’t mean you can freely ride around in the restricted areas like you are some first class citizen. Here’s what might happen to your level 80 if you don’t pay the symbolic fee (500G):

Vaniljlotion from Probably Drunk got what he deserved. I’m not surprised if his guild name is true, the kill was so easy.

Horde Territory

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, Guides, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Redridge Mountains, Duskwood and northern Stranglethorn are now restricted areas for Alliance.

You may have many questions if you are foolish enough to play Alliance on Frostmane. Therefore, we have made a FAQ about this.

Restricted Areas Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me?

It means that killing animals, picking flowers, or exploit the Earth in form of mining is now forbidden.

What happens if I do it anyway?

Breaking the rules is punished with death.

Is there any way to get around this?

Yes. You can apply for a one hour license. The license includes permission to kill animals, skin, pick flowers and mine. You can also travel freely around these areas.

How do I apply for this permit?

You contact anyone in the guild. A small administrational fee will apply (usually around 500 gold).

We are the world

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Tonight we took a trip to Redridge Mountains for some skilled PvP. Unfortunately 2 low lives from the noob guild <Entropy> showed up and decided to camp us! Despite that, we managed to kill them like four times. We are so skilled we can take out level 80’s even though we are 72 atm! Then mum called from the kitchen and said it was dinner or else we would have wtfpwned them all night.

Low lifers from Entropy

Notice the noob titles “Bloodsail admiral” and “Kingslayer”. Lol anyone can get the Kingslayer from killing that dude in Utgarde Pinnacle. Our mains have that title from Arhtas hard mode.