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RL v1.0

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Guides, Rambling

Ok, just a little addition here:

We were driving down the street in 200mph with our brand new Cadillac the other day as we saw a car trying to upload some RL just outside.

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Spoke to the guys. Needless to say, they had been playing alliance on Frostmane and just couldnt take it anymore.


Ganking – The Drinking Game

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Guides, World PvP, WoW

Heed, servants! Nazrololgoth here with a late night post.

There will be no war report tonight as some of us were busy with other stuff like grinding girlfriend rep and riding choppers. Instead we’re going to talk about drinking alcoholic beverages. If you have ever done The Lycauem in a Vanilla pug or raid healed as a druid  you know that being a bit intoxicated helps both your sanity, social skills and gameplay. We in Morgue Than Words have taken it one step further and created the Ganking Drinking Game.

The rules are simple enough even for you alliance players to follow: you take a sip from your drink when something happens on the list below. Beer or wine is advised since harder stuff will limit your basic human functions like bladder control and sight too much, although stuff like Vodka works for shorter sessions. Also keep in mind that the rules are designed with non-80 gankers in mind. We are still 75, but anything up to 79 would work.

Take one sip

  • You kill a lowbie
  • The lowbie has time to emote something like /spit to show how frustrated he is or /pity to show that he’s a carebear that would never kill anyone himself

Take two sips

  • You kill someone higher levelled than yourself
  • You get killed by someone higher levelled than yourself
  • The enemy has time to emote something before you release
  • An enemy does a Houdini on you and gets away (bubble hearthstone doesn’t count since that’s for lamers only)
  • For every time you kill someone you already have killed that session

Take three sips

  • You get killed and the enemy completes the “Make love, not Warcraft” achievement
  • An enraged main of an alt shows up and you kill him too, which leads us to next point:
  • You get whispers from someone telling you how angry he is for rolling on a PvP-server

Take four sips

  • Your own faction tells you to stop ganking
  • You get killed twice or more by the same player
  • You encounter a high level character boosting a lowbie, you kill the lowbie and get away from the furious 80. Take an extra sip if the 80 is unable to resurrect and has to stand there like a clown.
  • You kill someone trying to hearthstone

Finish your drink

  • You get killed by one or more lowbies

Noob Hunting

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Guides, Hunter, Rambling, WoW

Good evening dear followers and fans.

Today we’re going to talk about Nazrololgoth’s artistic side. He may look like a bold, old Orc but nothing could be further from the truth. Nazrololgoth is making art everyday in Azeroth, and today we’re going to talk about artistic killing. Let me illustrate with an example:

Step 1 – Finding the spot

The first thing to do is finding a good spot to get your artistic kill scalp. The best places are roads where noobs travel between zones, but anywhere where there’s a road works. The Alliance scum feel safe on roads. For this example I chose the road between Duskwood and STV. The scum has no business being there.

Step 2 – Setting the trap

Set your trap on the road.

Step 3 – Hide and wait

Hide behind a tree, a rock or somewhere where the Alliance criminal won’t see you.

Step 4 – Watch your prey step into the trap

If you play on Frostmane like all cool people you won’t have to wait too long. The restricted areas policy is broken a lot by the alliance maggots. In this example Hayabooza from the guild Exq thought he could kill innocent animals in STV. No! Restricted area!

Step 5 – Move in for the kill

Now use your skills to take him out. Needless to say this scum didn’t know what hit him.

Sincerely Yours,


Master Hunter of the Horde and Frostmane Legend



Posted: September 23, 2010 in Guides, Rambling, WoW

Good morning you miserable maggots and fellow Horde players.

Sit up straight, wipe that drool from your chin and close your mouth, there are news!

As the Cataclysm expansion is on its way I got great news for the alliance on Frostmane EU.

Coming to console, expected release together with Cataclysm there’s a new game to consider!

It has come to my knowledge that many of you suck in PvP but tremble no longer.

I present to you, RL – OFFLINE!

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Experience a whole sea of new experiences, professions and encounters.


Do you belong to the 65% of the male WoW population that secretly rolled a level 1 Night Elf female (or Undead if you’re into those things) only to undress her and /dance after mum goes to bed? Good news! That tickling feeling in your lower regions during those beloved moments can also be experienced by meeting real women! Yes, that’s right, in Real Life Offline they actually talk to you back when you chat with them! Furthermore, you can also dance with them which sometimes lead to other things involving that tickling feeling in your lower regions!  *

The feelings don’t end there however. There are also similar feelings to when that toon named “Kaytie” ninjas all the loot in VoA after a lucky Wintergrasp takeover = anger and sadness (parts of nerd rage). The creators of Real Life Offline believe you have to go through the bad parts to really appreciate the good.


Ever been online while all your guildies and Real ID-mates aren’t and felt true loneliness? In Real Life Offline you can actually get in touch with your friends at any time! You can also see them, hear them and even smell them, which means they can smell you too. Unlike when you play WoW showers are recommended at least twice a week during Real Life Offline-play. In addition, there is no limit to the numbers of friends you can put on your Friends List in Real Life Offline!


Have you ever wondered what Spider Sausage or that Draenic Water tastes like? In Real Life Offline there are thousands of dishes and beverages to try from, including but not limited to, Chinese spring rolls, Hot Dogs and beer. These items interact with your Real Life taste buds in a whole new way you could never imagine.

Stimulating Environment

Sometimes the environment in World of Warcraft is so well designed some people say “it feels like you’re there!”. In Real Life Offline you have this feeling all the time! There are also endless of interaction possibilities with objects in the game. You can actually pick up stuff and leave them in other locations, and if another player decides not to pick it up, it will not disappear or even despawn!

* Experiences may wary and change during Offline play. Especially the part about women and you in Real Life Offline.

There are many reasons why you will want to camp someone. Here are a few things I can think of:

1. You’ve been ganked several times (revenge)

2. The guy you plan to camp has a stupid name like “Ròugekillér”, “Orcslaayer” or “Roika”. (For the sake of Darwin)

3.  The guy has a stupid look or ugly clothes. (Anyone playing a caster wearing pants or a gnome with pink hair is open for camping)

4. He was nerd raging when you killed his alt, and therefore probably said nasty things about your weight, mother and / or martial status. (If you ever poured gasoline on fire you know the reason why you should camp this guy)

It’s also embarrassing seeing how bad 90% of the alliance population is at this. I’m here to help! Why do you want to help the evil faction? you may ask – Because it’s not fun for us when it’s too easy is the answer to that, so stop e-mailing us about it.

OK let’s go to school.

Lesson 1 – Be mounted

There is no reason for you to get off your mount. I see fail campers every day doing this mistake. If you are mounted you have ~3 more seconds to react when the camped is resurrecting. God forbids he has time to do this: as soon as he’s on the mount he’s not camped anymore. Did someone say stealth? Stealth sucks for camping if you’re doing it alone. You will stand there with your Prowl up your ass when the victim is mounted before you have time to get close. (Yes, you can see stealthed people as a corpse)

These guys won’t have time to kill me again if I resurrect close to the border of the bubble.

Lesson 2 – Make a macro and a keybind

This is very easy: just type /target (playername) and /cast (instant ability with wtfpwndamage or slowing ability). For example:

/target Raeyna

/cast concussive shot


Bind that shit to a key close to your fat keyboard hand and spam it like you’re playing a paladin in Molten Core and the year is 2005.

Lesson 3 – Use your class abilities

Most classes have stuff that can be used for camping. I suggest you look at some page like Wowhead and you may find out there are more, forgotten, interesting abilities that can be used than the ones you are aware of.

Lesson 4 – Spread Out

If you are not a social misfit or playing dwarf hunter you have friends. Bring them. But don’t stand in a bunch over the corpse trying to look cool: spread out and cover the small area the camped dude will resurrect on. I’ve seen groups of 5 (five) failing to camp 1 (one) guy.

Double Negative, No, bitches! 5 people shouldn’t fail here. But like we’ve already seen: there is no hope for Azeroth.

Lesson 5 – The fake “I’m leaving now, feel free to ress!”

Some camped guys just won’t resurrect – that’s when the “fake leave” comes in handy. This means you ride away like you got bored. Then you wait 5-10 seconds and go back. In 9/10 cases you now have a sitting duck on your screen. Be aware though! If you have killed someone multiple times already he’s on resurrect timer (max 2 minutes), so don’t get too eager. Camping is all about having patience.

Lesson 6 – Be Mobile and Aware of the Environment Around You

In some places there are trees, houses, rocks, water, lowbies etc. Keep an extra eye around these places – they are perfect for the victim to resurrect behind/under/inside and get away easily. Be focused and ready to move fast!

This guy won’t even see me disappear. He should be closer to the tree.


Horde Territory

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Ganking, Guides, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Redridge Mountains, Duskwood and northern Stranglethorn are now restricted areas for Alliance.

You may have many questions if you are foolish enough to play Alliance on Frostmane. Therefore, we have made a FAQ about this.

Restricted Areas Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me?

It means that killing animals, picking flowers, or exploit the Earth in form of mining is now forbidden.

What happens if I do it anyway?

Breaking the rules is punished with death.

Is there any way to get around this?

Yes. You can apply for a one hour license. The license includes permission to kill animals, skin, pick flowers and mine. You can also travel freely around these areas.

How do I apply for this permit?

You contact anyone in the guild. A small administrational fee will apply (usually around 500 gold).


How its done.

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Ganking, Guides, PvP, WoW

Alot of people write and call to us for some answers. Im here to sort things out.

1. Yes we use a macro.

2. Yes I´ll share it with you

3. No, alliance cant advantage from this, doh.

We´ll start with an illustration of the obvious goal;

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The carcass.

And second, WTFPWN…..wait for it….MACRO!

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Simple as that.

You can just keybind it to SpaceBar like us and while on autorun randomly tap it once in a while. That way you get more honorpoints than in constant BG´s.

At least on Frostmane.



Join our Ranks

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Guides, WoW

We are open for recruitment this week. We could use one or two more guys in our crusade.

Check out this page for more information.