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Greetings servants, abominable Alliance and fellow Horde. It’s high time for a war report.

I had just logged on to patrol STV when I received this whisper from Rougespree from Twilights Imperium:

Constructive feedback is always welcome

To also please the pre teen audience that have trouble spelling their own class name I give you guys this picture.

Suddenly, the blog became awesome instead of “sucky”

Here’s one guy who obviously missed the news: Redridge Mountain is Horde territory. At least he acknowledged that I am awesome.

Thanks, Bro!

Next we have a carebear trying to trade his safety for him not trying to kill me.

Never trust a Frostmane Legend if you are Alliance.

This is how the story went:

We don’t negotiate with terrorists

Evolutionftw from Showbiz then logged his main, enraged and spat on me:

Darwin just turned over in his grave

After some spitting and other fun emotes he decided to ask if I had enough

Can never have enough cunt

A selection of a few “lowbie from Morgue Than Words kills a level capped enemy”, which our followers are used to by now:

Myavaz from PEWPEWW should change tactics when trying to gank a lowbie

Toxiso from LFM BG HONOR RESERVED reserved some honour for me

Woozle from Shambler Inc learned that landing in STV without a permit leads to capital punishment

Vydana from Ghaza learned that occupying enemy territory leads to conflict

Sorry, but no Security kills yet, they seem to be hiding from us tonight!


Heads up Horde, scum and errand boys, here’s the report of tonight’s events.

Security sent us this showing their highlight of the evening. Word is the whole guild got together in a joint effort to draw this lovely picture.

Your favourite Orc makes his getaway while the Alliance scum are trying to help their fellow criminal Raeyna out of a frost trap in which appears to be STV.

The background of the whole event is that Security member Nidua was caught standing on a Horde bridge in Horde territory (Redridge Mountains) which left us no choice but to put her down:

Tip of the day: The V-key shows nameplates, even through walls. Helps when someone is hiding in, for example, a house just outside Raven Hill Cemetery

The lovely members of Security meant business after this as they had to call in half their guild to meet our threat.

What would a corpse camp be without some frustrated exchange of body fluids? It was good for me too, Dreamyo.

Not only Security got ganked because of trespassing; Phased should also leave our continent.

Carharoth eventually paid the symbolic fee (500G) to hearthstone to safety.

We also got more nerd rage from this toodal-kid.

This guy is like the troll posts on the realm forums about migration to Frostmane  – never stops.

We also had a moment of relaxed fishing and caught ourselves a Trabute again, but more about this tomorrow when The Redridge Daily is printed.

That one must have hurt. But no spoilers: Redridge Daily will tell you all about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

Frostmane Legends

Good evening fans, followers, Horde players and even unfortunate Alliance scum. I hope the night has been as fruitful for you as it has for us. Time for an update before you all break your F5 buttons.

Here’s the war report from tonight’s adventures.

Going to start off with some proper nerd rage. I will let the picture speak for itself:

To answer the first question: no it’s not very hard to be a retarded scumbag. The guy was nice enough to ask if I wanted a cigarette though, but I don’t smoke.

When I came back from the bathroom after some very nasty fantasies about killing level 75s, gnomes and a cup it was time to do a quick border control check. Unfortunately it turned out that Raeza from  Security (server 2nd raid guild) had decided to take a cheap shot and kill me while I was AFK because of said bathroom break. I quickly tracked the miserable insect down and this is how it turned out:

Raeza learned that killing people AFK will be retaliated.

Next we caught Antonino from The Order of Time trespassing Horde territory. He failed to show a valid pass card and was punished.

Do. Not.

Etopyrin from the server 65th guild Pretorianie was caught ganking lowbies in Duskwood, which in addition is Horde territory on Frostmane. Better luck next time!

You aren’t allowed to kill Horde even if you did have a valid pass card.

Redridge Daily is in the printing press as I write this, and it will be available on the website shortly. Ape violence and embarrassing moments for the evil faction is promised.

Yours sincerely,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

Pushing back the filthy scum

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Ganking, Nerd Rage, PvP, World PvP, WoW

We have guarded the new Horde territory well this weekend on Frostmane-EU. Let’s have a look shall we?

First, the guild Security was foolish enough to reject an offer (which included a free pass for all their members for the acceptable fee of 1 million gold).

Here’s what happened (and have fun trying to level in Cataclysm!):

Quos from Security paid the price for having greedy officers in his guild.

Next, we will go on the topic “U made me mad! I bring my main!”. Needless to say, this happens pretty often. Instead of paying the passage fee people spend more time trying to counter gank. It’s futile, which Blightwalker from The Frozen Heart experienced when he got raped by ghost wolves and flying arrows. He eventually paid 100 gold to let his alt hearthstone to safety.

Change of subject again. Next we will go into Carebears. As many of our faithful followers know, there are loads of carebears on Frostmane-EU. Instead of killing the enemy they are actually helping them. If Garrosh would know he would hang them high in Orgrimmar. I give you Blackbeast who bursted out in tears when I killed an alliance dog in front of his eyes:

Creal from Holy Kings paid for playing the evil faction:

Devilfox from the so called “pro pvp-guild” is Huge in Japan turned out being not-so pro when he got killed by a level 75:

The Light of Frostmane is in the top 10 in the category Being Slained By Lowbies Most Times; and I will later post on the suggest forums on wow-eu that it should be an achievement. I give you Glefsa. (Hint, Glefsa: try to actually get out of the water when you fight a Hunter. Melee is prefered!)

Next we have Vagrog from Rebellion and Meezzy who should name change to “Messy” because that was what his PvP was like.

Adhera from Angry Wolves tried to get into ZG. Forbidden! He didn’t even have time to get off his mount.

Sheni from Knights of Holland also met the grim reaper.

Creal that I earlier mentioned decided to “juse angel”, and that cannot be allowed.

Let’s move on to the Nerd Rage section. I was on patrol duty in Duskwood when I ran into some dogs questing like it was Alliance Territory or something. I quickly put an end to that. To make a long story short: the dog called in some 80’s which forced me to do guerilla warfare. Yes, that includes not ressing right away and getting killed again like a rat. It’s also interesting that the alliance dog thinks I was “angry”. I actually read through the terms of a PvP server when I started to play this game. Noone in Morgue than Words gets “angry” from dying in PvP. On the girlfriend subject: yes I’m single. My girlfriend dumped me when I became too fat sometimes during 2007.

Bonus whisper:

Sincerely Yours,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

The Frostmane Legends

Pundarberit the movie.

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Ganking, Nerd Rage, Videos, World PvP, WoW

Hi friends.

Today there’s a little flash for you all of what we do and how we work. We have nerdrage rough deaths and humour in one and the same post as always.

The co-starring actor of today is Pundarberit from the guild SVERIGE DEMOKRATERNA. As you all know Capslock makes it happen.

And here is, what happened;

Saturday Fun and Awesome PvP

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Ganking, Nerd Rage, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Gonna start this post with today’s biggest L2P. Hunter vs Hunter, one 75 the other 80. Who won? Yes, the 75 one. Maybe the players from the guild Phased on Frostmane should stay in Dalaran instead of trying to gank low levels in STV. Anyway, here’s a screenie showing Faxekondi getting killed.

You thought Phased was a well known guild? Well, we also have a kill shot of a certain “Jâmes” from Security who also got wtfpwned when he tried to counter gank. Stay in Dalaran and wait for a dungeon portal next time; PvP is clearly not for you.

Next we have an elf-wannabe-Tolkien-masturbator :

“Enter name”:


Name taken


Name taken


Name taken


Name taken


Name taken



Another mouth breathing specimen who tried to find a “good” name. Here’s Éowynn from the scrub guild is HUGE in Japan. Pew pew you got owned my friend:

A day won’t go by without this kid whining in /w. Too bad he’s ignored us.

Random selection of today’s harvest.

Hall of Shame:

Faxekondi – Phased


Sooren (next time bring more people)

Snusilicious – Shilvitte

Tommeline – Light Fighters

Your truly,

The Frostmane Legends

is HUGE in Japan -.-

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Ganking, Nerd Rage, PvP, World PvP, WoW

Anyways heres the deal. I was hanging out with my better half Nazrololgoth again to kill everything  as we stumbled over this guy from “is HUGE in Japan”.

I´ll share the story and moment with you below.

Setup is the usual: we kill the alt of an “serious and mature” guy from a big guild wich is later on whispering us from his horde-toon.

ImageShack, free image hosting, free video hosting, image hosting, video hosting, photo image hosting site, video hosting siteroaaaah!

In your face! Like a chainsaw swinged by Charles Manson .

But you all know the drill. Verbal defeat is hard as rock to swallow. Especially if your from a COOL PRO guild.

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I´ve just adviced him to visit the page and be able to smoothe his own questing-experience a bit by considering the pricelist. And fairly enlighted him that he´ll be famous tomorrow by being mentioned here. But now he flips the “I got something you dont know-card”. I had a shot in the dark!

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Yea, that´s that. Imagine my disapointment.

The talk goes on and he wants to duel my 73 with his 80 yada yada my feelings for that idea was quite cold.

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He thought a real “pvp-master” could take anything wich I had not been mentioning myself by. And adviced us to see his guild wich seems to be

“is HUGE in Japan”.

Hopefully we´ll stumble over him sooner or later again.

Tremble you feeble carcass! We sat on you.

It´s true. Yesterday me and my better half Nazrololgoth opened up a can of wop-ass in Redridge in celebration of the “Sit on alliance – day”.

Have a look at the most appreciating participants here below.

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Thanks to (clockwise);

Ntennis, Shanttya, Thisiswar and Cheeseypuffs for both ungreedy participating and marvelous nicknames!

Although some  people did not go our polite way. That´s right. What´s a party without “that guy”?  Funny thing, he´s already known to us by now and for the  same reasons – nerdrage.

First of all, did his alt pay the discrete fee? No.

Did we “take actions” because of that? Probably.

If so, would that have been okay? Yes.

(source: Nazrololgoth)

Readers; behold his vanity and rudeness!

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Yada Yada bla bla.

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Well someone didn´t read the PvP-server terms. Second Im not a professional. Instead I pay to play, not getting payed to play.


Yours truly, Natzagaroth.

As stated in an earlier post we in Morgue Than Words have announced STV, Duskwood and Redrigde Mountains Horde Territory. Yesterday we enforced that policy again. Since only five players decided to pay the reasonable passage fee of 500 gold we had lot of work to do (and thanks for the gold, it will help).

Picking herbs is against the rules, even if you found out your name was taken and decided to use an á instead of a proper spelling.

I don’t understand these guys; they are calling themselves Last Hope of Azeroth, but if that is true I really fear for everyone in Azeroth. It takes these guys 5 level 80’s to kill a single level 73. Then they tried to corpse camp, which failed terribly despite their numbers (hint: try to cover up the area instead of standing in a bunch like some kids waiting for the schoolbus. Getting away was so easy I almost thought you let me.)

As you can see by their titles these people haven’t accomplished anything in the game. There is no hope for Azeroth.

Where’s the best place to go when a train of enraged scrubs are running after you? Correct answer, dungeon. Shortly after my getaway to northern Duskwood the dungeon queue popped. The Last Hope of Azeroth thought I should stay in Duskwood to get ganked instead of levelling. To clarify: it didn’t “get tough”. “Getting tough” is when someone skilled is ganking you, and it’s impossible to get away. This doesn’t happen very often and it certainly didn’t happen here. The dungeon popping was just luck.

We also would like to add that being level 80 doesn’t mean you can freely ride around in the restricted areas like you are some first class citizen. Here’s what might happen to your level 80 if you don’t pay the symbolic fee (500G):

Vaniljlotion from Probably Drunk got what he deserved. I’m not surprised if his guild name is true, the kill was so easy.

So last night we sweeped through several zones for some world PvP. We learned a few things!

1. There are carebears on Frostmane-EU. Why these people roll on a PvP server is beyond me, when there are perfectly fine and running Carebear Servers out there (Blizzard call them “Normal Realm”). I caught this Horde actually helping the filthy alliance scum to do quests. Needless to say that had to be stopped. The incoming Carebear-nerdrage didn’t wait:

Maybe that “Pure Awesomeness” guild should rename themselves to “Pure Helping the Alliance Level so they can Ding 80 and Gank Our Alts”

2. Hiding from gankers makes you a “noob”
3. Ganking other people makes you a “nob”

4. Sometimes people who rolled on a PvP server can’t take the rules of the game. Kind of like people who rent a horror movie and then piss in their pants while they bitch about how scared they are. Here’s an interesting one from a hunter getting in the crossfire

Story is that he logged his main and killed us. OK, no big deal it’s PvP. But this guy seems to think that? We killed him a few more times and he nerdraged again:

Enjoy his last cheesy “insult”.