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We are not alone. Daily Fan-whisper.

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

This cool hordeplayer decided we were so awesome he just had to whisper and tell us all about it.

No big surprise after the effort we put down in keeping horde territory clean.

You do talk the talk, do you walk the walk?

Me: Mom, im going.

Mom: Where?

Me: To kick everyones ass out of horde territory.

Mom: ALONE?!

Me: No I got Nazrololgoth and the others, plus about 300 fans with me.

Mom: See you soon honey.


RL-Offline CorpseCampers.

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Corpse Camping, Rambling, WoW


Short input about RL-OFFLINE’s corpsecampers since some of our readers got some sort of thought that what we do is somehow, immoral.

Here´s a guy who rolled on an RL-OFFLINE pvpserver. He´s already fully epic-geared so he´s transfering some talents to a newbie who just entered the area. The player in the background is probably her Guildmaster.

Out in the field there´s a popular Houdini to reduce the number of oneshots by. See below.

Personally I think the above picture speaks alot for our own methods. Much of what we put up in our movies is planned in advance.

This guy made a head-like thing on a stick. Because he knows what could happend if he reveals it in the wi(n)dow.

(Ps. this is the real deal, we don´t play at this server, neither should you.)

Lame Excuses – Top Three

Posted: October 1, 2010 in PvP, Rambling, WoW

A comment on our website made me think. Now and then a high levelled and outgearing Alliance criminal visits this place to whine about why he got killed by lowbies. Here are the top excuses!

1. “I was AFK”

This is the most common one. The guy has probably been bullied to death in /g for being steamrolled by a couple of lowbies, and it’s even a believable excuse. If you watch our videos you will see that we never killed anyone who’s AFK.

2. “It was 41 vs 1”

Not uncommon either. Now and then some hotshot from a big guild will try to show off his ICC gear, but gets stopped pretty quick by a couple of lowbies. 2 vs 1 often becomes “they had a whole raid, and also a cave troll

3. “I was watching Lost / doing something else”

Though not as common, we’ve heard this one too from a Phased member who claimed he was “watching Lost” even though his character moved and doing shit before he was put down.

Bollywood is signing us

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Rambling, Videos, WoW

Good news! The people in Bollywood are big fans of our heroic doings, and therefore they decided to shoot a real film about us. Release expected soon, but in the meantime we can offer a few samples!

Morgue Than Words on a secret mission to gank level 15’s in Ironforge. Little did they know that a Night Elf would provoke Nazrololgoth so much that he blew their cover! Watch here

A DK we all know from Redridge Daily in a touching scene after he’s been ganked and thrown in the lake. I cried a little when I watched this. Watch here

Natzagaroth is having a relaxed drink in Booty Bay, but as usual there’s some lowbie from Ninth Order pestering the atmosphere. Watch here

These links are safe, we just couldn’t embed the films from this site in WordPress

More fan art!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

Day post here with some more fan art, sent from a lowbie seeing us in Duskwood:

Vimtu from the Ninth Order, 6 feet below

The lowbie, who wants be anonymous, states

Hai guyz, i saw u pew pew PAWN vimtu the rouge who disappers before u even relise u can shoot in duskwood. i was so impressd i rerolld horde lol. anywayz i used my photoshop skillz to recapture teh moment. Hugs!

Name edited out

Heads up Horde, scum and errand boys, here’s the report of tonight’s events.

Security sent us this showing their highlight of the evening. Word is the whole guild got together in a joint effort to draw this lovely picture.

Your favourite Orc makes his getaway while the Alliance scum are trying to help their fellow criminal Raeyna out of a frost trap in which appears to be STV.

The background of the whole event is that Security member Nidua was caught standing on a Horde bridge in Horde territory (Redridge Mountains) which left us no choice but to put her down:

Tip of the day: The V-key shows nameplates, even through walls. Helps when someone is hiding in, for example, a house just outside Raven Hill Cemetery

The lovely members of Security meant business after this as they had to call in half their guild to meet our threat.

What would a corpse camp be without some frustrated exchange of body fluids? It was good for me too, Dreamyo.

Not only Security got ganked because of trespassing; Phased should also leave our continent.

Carharoth eventually paid the symbolic fee (500G) to hearthstone to safety.

We also got more nerd rage from this toodal-kid.

This guy is like the troll posts on the realm forums about migration to Frostmane  – never stops.

We also had a moment of relaxed fishing and caught ourselves a Trabute again, but more about this tomorrow when The Redridge Daily is printed.

That one must have hurt. But no spoilers: Redridge Daily will tell you all about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

Frostmane Legends


Posted: September 28, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

I went to Orgrimmar to train my skills and refill my quiver after some hard work protecting our new territory when I ran into this poster just outside the city gates. Thought it would be interesting for the Horde to know about. Apparently this person is wanted for unspeakable acts against our faction including horse thievery from Moroes in Karazhan, sodomisation of a medium sized bunny in Elwynn Forest, trespassing, arson, peeing in public and trying to corpse camp a certain lowbie in Redridge Mountains.

For the love of all that is holy, not the bunnies!

The character Gnirdne will pay 1000 gold to the first person able to hunt this criminal down.

Papertankz – or death in chopper.

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Rambling, Videos, WoW

Natzagaroth here right now. To reveal my last meal. Unlikely as it seems to eat someone engulfed by shadows, its been done and here´s the story.

I did put on some hippie music so that all you alliance maggots dare to watch until the end.


NOTE: View in full size window and set to 720p

Yours Truly,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

Frostmane Legends

RL v1.0

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Guides, Rambling

Ok, just a little addition here:

We were driving down the street in 200mph with our brand new Cadillac the other day as we saw a car trying to upload some RL just outside.

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Spoke to the guys. Needless to say, they had been playing alliance on Frostmane and just couldnt take it anymore.

Mourning for our Victims

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Rambling, WoW

It has come to our knowledge that the citizens of the filthy city of Stormwind yesterday held an official mourning for our victims. They also begged for the Alliance population to leave the new Horde territories and pay us, as their priests have to work 24/7 to work off funerals. Word on street is also that the graveyards are starting to fill up, so unless you don’t want your corpse to be thrown off a ship en route to Northrend and eaten by murlocs we advice you to either stay out of our territories or buy a territory pass.

The Alliance stronghold of Stormwind was in tears last night.  Night Elf scum Léggòlaz is mourning his level 17 friend who perished while breaking the law by killing boars in Redridge Mountains.

Yours Truly,

Natzagaroth & Nazrololgoth

Frostmane Legends