So you want to join the ranks of the immortal?

What we can offer

  • PvP in a fun and non-grinding environment (world PvP)
  • Occasional guild PvE
  • Eternal friendship
  • The sexiest Guild Tabard on Frostmane
  • Level doesn’t matter since PvP is more complex than that.
  • The best and most fruitful gank routes in the game.

Check out the blog to see what we are doing

What we expect from you

  • Ruthlessness to the enemy. The Alliance is as filthy as a dying whore. When you see a red tag you kill it. Carebears will be shot.
  • You to join in on our world PvP sessions. Since we contrary to popular belief do have lives this means night time most of the time (~8-12 IGT)
  • Have a cool attitude. As a member you will be hated. People will whisper you telling you they hope you die in AIDS, even people from Horde. You will be corpse camped. You will have trouble doing quests. You should be able to laugh about this and not nerdrage about anything. It’s a game, treat it like that.

How to apply

Whisper Natzagaroth for a chat.

  1. anatal says:

    I would love to be a member to kill all shitty allys around that i can see. And that is included Glefsa and alot of nint order members:P

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